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Protect yourself and your loved ones from influenza at the VNA's 6th annual Drive Through Flu Clinic on Saturday, September 27!. View our Save the Date flyer.

2014 Public Flu Clinics

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Since 1951 the VNA has been delivering Home Healthcare services for people living throughout Monterey and San Benito Counties as well as the southern portions of both Santa Cruz and Santa Clara Counties.  Today the Central Coast VNA & Hospice continues its tradition as the premier provider of Home Healthcare and Hospice services.

Over the years, the VNA has expanded its programs to meet the healthcare needs of the broader community.  VNA offers community immunization programs for flu and travel, a wellness program designed for the business community and Adult Day Services for those who are frail or dealing with dementia. 

The VNA & Hospice website is designed to help you and your family members obtain the information you need in order to deal with medical and healthcare challenges. 

The VNA & Hospice family is proud of our years of trusted community healthcare service.  From our family to yours…we care.

Licensed by the California Department of Health Services, Medicare and Medi-Cal Certified, HIPPA compliant.  A not-for-profit community based organization.

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